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What is your favorite piece of gear? (No, your dog doesn’t count.) As hard as that question is, an even tougher one is: What is the best way to compare all of the choices we have today for any given piece of hunting equipment? What we found when shopping for ourselves is that it can be very hard to get fair comparisons while bouncing back and forth between websites. We even ended up making a spreadsheet to compare different air rifles for our own purchase. That is where we got the idea for this website. We have developed a few tools to try to make your search a little easier.

Our Comparison Reviews will help you decide which hunting equipment is the best for you. We will help you navigate the maze of products available using simple comparisons. There will be times when you won’t agree with what we think is the best, that’s why we don’t just give you our opinion we also show you the factors that went into forming it. Of course, a major part of your decision on what to buy, if anything, will be price. We try to group our various reviews not just by functionality, but also in comparable price ranges so you can get an apples to apples comparison.

We also encourage you to leave your comments after our reviews with your own recommendations or opinions. This will help all of us learn what is out there and what really works. The more input we get from our readers the better.

Check out our Interactive Comparison Charts to help break down your choices even further. We offer these charts for some of the most needed equipment for hunting, camping, and fishing. To be honest though, we have tended to concentrate on the stuff we were interested in buying, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for please, please, please use the contact us tab to let us know what product you would like to see a review for. We will be adding new reviews/charts and updating our current ones often.

We also offer Hunting Gear Articles to inform and entertain. If you care to contribute, feel free to drop us a line through our contact us tab. And again, we encourage everyone to use the comments box after the articles.

So check out the reviews, articles, and the comparison charts, and make an informed decision that will maximize your chances for a good day out in the field. And remember that after the preparation, scouting and excitement of the hunt, the last thing we need is substandard equipment. Go get the BEST HUNTING GEAR.

Featured Interactive Chart

Our featured chart is backpacks. Look at the chart below to get an interactive (you can click the columns to sort) comparison of some of the most popular Hunting Backpacks.


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  • Name
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  • Price – $ = under $100, $$ = $100 to $200, $$$ = $200 to $350, $$$$ = $350+

Hunting Backpack Comparison Chart

Kelty Coyote 80

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Internal Frame5lb 5oz4700 cu. in.4.7/5.0$$
ALPS OutdoorZ Command Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

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External Frame7lb 5oz5250 cu. in.4.7/5.0$$
Kelty Cache Hauler Pack

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External Frame9lb 2oz3450 cu. In.4.2/5.0$$
Horn Hunter Main Beam

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Internal Frame4lbs2800 cu. In.4.2/5.0$$
Badlands Sacrifice

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Internal Frame3lb 8oz3450 cu. In.5.0/5.0$$$
Badlands Ox

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External Frame9lb 11oz4400$$$$
Horn Hunter G2 MAQ Quiver Pack

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Internal Frame5.5 lbs1600$$
Kelty Eagle 7850

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Internal Frame11lb 5oz7850$$$$
Osprey Packs Atmos 65

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Internal Frame3lb 10oz4150 cu. In.4.7/5.0$$$
5.11 Rush 72

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Internal Frame3lbs2640 cu. In.4.8/5.0$$$

Backpack Reviews

We selected a few of our favorite backpacks from the Backpack Comparison Chart.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag, 5250 Cubic Inches

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame plus Pack Bag is the best of both worlds.  The frame itself is very light weight and when you combine it commander-pack-bagwith the durable clay nylon ripstop pack bag you can haul your gear to your base camp and use the frame to bring your meat in.

The Pack Bag is made with the hunter in mind.  It has a rifle holder and a spotting scope pocket built in.  At 5250 cubic inches (85.5 liters), it has plenty of room for your camping supplies.  The Commander’s frame can be a little noisy (as in squeaky), but unless you are actually wearing it while hunting (?) that shouldn’t come into play.

Obviously, when you have that much capacity weight starts to become an issue.  The Commander is equipped with padded shoulder and waist straps to ease your load.  The waist belts come in two sizes; standard 26 inches to 40 inches, and X-large 40+ inches.

We honestly think that this is one of the best values out there and comparable packs will set you back hundreds more dollars than the Commander.  It is worthy of serious consideration.

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Horn Hunter “Main Beam” Backpack

HH01-MAINBEAM-PACK-WEBIf you like to stay organized on your hunt then the Horn Hunter Main Beam Backpack by Sportsman’s Outdoor Products may be just the pack for you.  It boasts 22 compartments; 8 of them internal.  It also has 5 gear gripper pads for your bow, rifle, scope, or tripod.

There are a few things that make this pack perfect for the hunter. Firstly, it features a narrow design that allows you to keep it on while stalking.  There is also no need to set your bow or rifle down to access the side pockets, as they are designed for easy access.  Also, the brushed nylon material stays quiet even in cold weather.

The belt is made with air flow in mind for maximum air circulation.  This, combined with a design which limits contact with your back and hips will help keep you cool and comfortable.

The pack is a little small at 2800 cubic inches (45.5 liters), but will allow you to stay very organized and will keep you from over packing.  As you might guess, it is light, weighing in at about 4 pounds.

In conclusion, if you don’t need a ton of room, and want to keep your pack with you while you hunt the Main Beam might be just the pack you are looking for.

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Kelty Cache Hauler Pack

Cache HaulerLike some other hauler frames, the Kelty Cache Hauler Pack allows you to hike in with your gear then detach your pack and use the frame to haul out your meat.  The frame is aluminum with a folding shelf, while the body is made from sturdy 900D nylon packcloth.  The pack itself is waterproof and will keep your gear dry in the heaviest of downpours.

It features a pull-out orange rain cover that offers good visibility, several pockets, padded waistbelt and shoulder straps, and (our favorite feature) a wicking backpanel.

This probably isn’t the best choice if you are looking for a pack for an extended outing.  At 3450 cubic inches (56.6 liters) the volume is a little small compared to some other packs in the Cache Hauler’s price range.  Despite the pack’s somewhat diminutive size, the hauler is specifically designed to carry large (heavy) loads comfortably.

The Kelty Cache Hauler Pack can be a little heavy for some; it is also pricier than comparable hauler/packs.  But, we attribute this to its quality.  The weight and the price come from the strength of the materials used and the quality of its manufacture.

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Badlands Sacrifice Backpack

sacrifice-1-badlands-hunting-packsIf you need to travel light the Badlands Sacrifice Backpack is for you.  It weighs in at just 3 pounds 8 ounces, and has a carrying capacity of 3450 cubic inches (56 liters).   That gives it a pretty good capacity to weight ratio (we’re not sure that’s a real measure, but if it’s not, it should be).  Don’t let its light weight fool you though, made with a steel frame and ultra-lightweight fabric, the Sacrifice is a tough backpack.

Of course, comfort is one of the most important measures of a backpack and the Sacrifice’s weight combined with its hybrid hypervent suspension makes it a very comfortable pack. Made with the hunter in mind, the hypervent technology creates an open air space between the pack and your body, which keeps you cooler.

Another important feature is the number of pockets.  This pack boasts 7 pockets which makes organizing your gear a much easier task.  The top pocket also adjusts to accommodate an oversized load.

If you aren’t familiar with Badlands backpacks, you might be interested to know that their packs come with a lifetime warranty.  While it is a little pricey (and we don’t really care for the name), this pack certainly warrants your consideration.

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Kelty Coyote 80 Backpack

Coyote 80The Kelty Coyote 80 internal frame backpack is ideal for a full weekend trip.  Made from super durable 420-denier polyester fabric, this is clearly a well thought out backpack, designed for longer trips.

At 4,780 cubic inches (78 liters), it features tons of space and a lot of pockets.  Instead of fishing through one large pocket to find your phone (what are you doing looking for your phone while you’re out in the wild?), the Coyote features several smaller pockets to keep you better organized.  And, speaking of pockets, the waist band features two pockets so you no longer have to stop, take the whole pack off just to get at your knife.

One feature that really separates this backpack from the rest is the detachable day pack that is comfortable and easy to use for your shorter excursions.

The Coyote 80 also is super adjustable, for a great fit no matter your size.  Between the two sizes offered the range of fit is from 14.5 inches to 21 inches.  This adjustability, combined with the padded shoulder straps make this a fairly comfortable pack.

On the whole this is a great backpack for the money that reflects a well thought out design with comfort in mind.

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